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Goulder Sewing Bowl by Jon Goulder


The sewing bowl is an extraction of the bowl form generated for the Broached Goulder Sewing Box. A simple, elegant change bowl made from the moulded leather technique that is one of the defining techniques of this entire collection.

Colour: Tan

Material: Press formed leather, Tasmanian blackwood / celery top pine.

Dimensions: H 80mm x D 330mm x W 330 mm

Year Designed: 2019

Care: The leather and timber may naturally patina over time with use. This is part of the object’s lived-in charm. Minimise exposure to direct sunlight and wet cleaning products.

This product has a 4 – 6 week production lead time from date of order.

This item is sent directly from our partner (Broached Commissions) and will arrive separately if ordered with other items.