Sustainability Sustainability


At United Places Botanic Gardens, we’re on a journey to be a leading advocate of good business practice with a commitment to both environmental and social sustainability. We believe that embracing a more conscious  approach to travel is the only way to create a genuinely positive impact – for both people and the planet.

Privately Owned and Operated

As a privately owned business, we choose materials, products, and services that support our goals and desires to reduce our environmental footprint. It’s a commitment to know more and do more. We are always learning, but proud for what we have achieved and what we can continue to do moving forwards.

We collaborate with like-minded, local artisans and suppliers to support small businesses. We provide employment that is rewarding and offers opportunity in a fair, diverse and inclusive environment.

Mission Statement and Values

United Places is about people and place. A commitment to delivering experiences beyond the expected to a diverse mix of like-minded individuals seeking to connect, embrace and respect the cities we reside in.  

Our mission is to drive positive social and environmental change across our property, supply chain and throughout the community. This involves pursuing best operational excellence, engaging team members, using our influence to make meaningful differences in our communities, and partnering with suppliers to incorporate social and environmental criteria into our decision-making processes.

Our Sustainable Practices

The principles should be viewed as a collective policy rather than as individual commitments in their own right.

  • The property uses a solar photovoltaic system providing renewable energy to offset greenhouse emissions for all common areas.

  • All suites use Solar Thermal Technology to heat water, significantly reducing the need for gas.

  • We source products and materials from environmentally responsible suppliers such as Who Gives A Crap toilet paper – a social enterprise, which aims to raise funds for sanitation projects in developing countries globally.

  • We have used low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) for all interior paints, adhesives and sealants during construction ensuring improved air quality.

  • High Performance glazing was installed during construction, improving thermal comfort.

  • All bathroom amenities contain no harmful chemicals or additives and we use eco-friendly organic enzyme cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and phosphate free.

  • Our resident restaurant Matilda offers a menu including a selection of local, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

  • Rainwater is collected, stored and harvested for toilet flushing, reducing our water usage by 52%.

  • In collaboration with specialists in their field, we installed energy efficient lighting to achieve significant power reductions.

  • We prioritise local sourcing to reduce energy waste in transportation and support local businesses.

  • All living spaces have access to natural daylight and ventilation, improving comfort and reducing the demand for mechanical cooling lessening greenhouse emissions.

  • Where possible we have eliminated single-use plastics and introduced bamboo degradable toothbrushes and earbuds.

  • We provide 100% cotton bedding rather than synthetic blends, enabling the linen to be washed at a lower temperature requiring less water and energy usage.

  • We offer a range of signature wellness programs, including complimentary yoga mats for use inside or outside the property.