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Broached Monsters Pankalangu Arm Chair by Trent Jansen


Pankalangu is one of three groups of mythological creatures whom frequent Western Arrernte country. He is a territorial being that lives in the scrub and is completely camouflaged in the desert and bush. Pankalangu can only move with the rain, and is made visible when the water droplets that falls over his body are caught by the light, defining his form. The underside of the Pankalangu Arm Chair is lined with Tasmanian wallaby fur and copper. The Wallaby fur obscures the copper scales in its pile, until the light catches them and exposes its insect like body perched above four moth inspired legs.

Material: Tasmanian wallaby pelt, plywood, copper, stainless steel, French leather, polyurethane foam

Dimensions: H 800mm × W 770mm × D 730mm

Year Designed: 2017

Care: A light dust with a feather duster or dry cotton rag is best. Do not use any wet cleaning products / surface spray / chemicals.

Edition AP1 is currently on display in our U.P. foyer and available for purchase. Aternatively, Broached can fabricate new editions with a 12-14 week lead time.

This item is sent directly from our partner (Broached Commissions) and will arrive separately if ordered with other items.