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Charcoal, open flame, a hint of smoke – Scott Pickett’s new restaurant Matilda is about elemental flavours and a warm environment.

The vision of leading Melbourne chef Scott Pickett (Saint Crispin, Estelle and ESP), Matilda is a restaurant focused on contemporary Australian food cooked over open fire and hot coals.  For lunch or dinner, hotel guests can choose between a priority booking in the restaurant or in-room dining. With the table set by the butler, and your choice of champagne, wine and food, this is a full restaurant experience in the privacy of your suite.

Designed by Projects of Imagination, Matilda celebrates the connection between timber and flame, kitchen and table.

Named after chef Scott Pickett’s daughter, designed by Projects of Imagination and with hand-thrown ceramic dinnerware by Andrei Davidoff, Matilda celebrates elemental flavours, warmth and community. The atmosphere of flame cooking inspires a design focused on timber, including robust tables commissioned from local maker Hugh Makin and a series of display cabinets for the quality produce used in the kitchen.