A Collaborative Space A Collaborative Space

A Collaborative Space

Throughout United Places, you’ll find art pieces created by Australia’s premiere talents. Work from Trent Jensen, Laura Woodward and Broached Commissions grace the walls of the property, providing guests a snapshot of the spirit of Melbourne’s creative community

Broached Commissions

Our latest partnership with Broached Commissions, a multi-disciplinary narrative and research-driven furniture and object design studio aligns with our ideology/belief that design is imperative to the way we live and communicate.

Handmade works from their Broached Monsters and Broached Recall collections are showcased in the U.P. foyer and are available for purchase. Broached Commissions also welcomes bespoke orders.

Laura Woodward

A specially commissioned kinetic sculpture by renowned artist Laura Woodward dynamically animates an asymmetrical conical void over the United Places Botanic Gardens foyer. The negative space, designed to channel the play of light as the sun moves on its axis through the day, is brought to life by Laura’s work.